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The Mind Train headers have proven in dyno tests to be the best among the old-school solutions.  They are now being made and marketed by PIM and are designed to bolt up to Euro GTS mufflers. I believe they fit quite well. 

Hedmann used to make Pantera headers in both 2v and 4v variety, and 20 years ago I was riding with Larry Stock when we stopped by their factory and he took their whole inventory. I don’t know if he is still selling those, or if he has had them run a new batch since then?  I think that was the only option for true 2v headers. Rich—if that is what you have, they are valuable due to their rarity and quality. 

The GTS headers feature too-large primary pipes and too-small collectors. They give up a fair bit versus the other ones as a result. 

I have heard a handful of anecdotal stories of problems with Wilkinson’s system, but apart from the paint burning off, the ones on Lori’s car fit almost perfectly (one muffler is angled sideways a bit and the pipe could stand to be bent) and have had no longevity issues, after about 3000 miles (which admittedly isn’t all that much).


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> On Jan 7, 2019, at 14:30, Charles Engles <cengles at cox.net> wrote:
> Dear Rich,
>              I don't know that there is a consensus.   IIRC, the Euro GTS
> headers-exhaust were considered the best although they lost a reported 50
> hp.  The Hall Big Bores have a smallish collector and lose more hp.  I am
> also aware of one cognoscente that finds the BB exhaust note unpleasant.
> Then....came the Wilkinson headers.  Initially, they were reported to look
> good, sound good and have the lowest hp loss.  For a while, they were the
> ticket.   Then scattered reports of poor durability due to poor construction
> were filed on Pantera message boards.
>              I have a '74 Pantera.  The euro GTS headers hit the left
> engine mount on installation and were" fixed" in 1990 by the mechanic who
> installed them with a BFH.  Years later I discovered that they *still* did
> not completely clear the engine mount.     I also have a pair of Hall BB
> headers on the other 74 Pantera.  The do not interfere with the engine
> mounts .   Neither the GTS nor the HBB interfere with the gas tank shield.
>             I suppose the easiest option is to buy a set of the euro GTS
> headers.  The best and most expensive option would be to have a set of
> headers fabricated.  Whatever manufactured headers you buy, CHECK the
> fitment carefully before the final exhaust gaskets and bolts are applied.
>                                     Warmest regards, Chuck Engles
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> Last experience with 2" GTS tri-wye pipe arrangement required serious gas
> tank heat shield movement for clearance. Hall Big Bores not so much, but
> they touched.
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> I have a pair of headers for 2v heads is someone needs them.
> I need to purchase a new set for a 4v.
> Tri wye or big bore.
> What is the consensus?
> Thanks
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