[DeTomaso] It's Alive . . . ?

Himes, Terry (397C) Terry.Himes at jpl.nasa.gov
Sun Jan 6 00:16:41 EST 2019

Feeling lonely???   __

"A Purple Heart proves you were smart enough to hatch a plan,
 stupid enough to try it and lucky enough to survive!"
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On 1/5/19, 8:44 PM, "DeTomaso on behalf of Mike & Elizabeth Thomas" <detomaso-bounces at server.detomasolist.com on behalf of mbefthomas at comcast.net> wrote:

    I've received three messages on the forum today, first in over a week.
    Getting pretty quiet out there.
    Did somebody hit the moot button?
    Mike Thomas
    Pres., Panteras Northwest
    Yellow '74 #6328
    www.panterasnorthwest.com <http://www.panterasnorthwest.com/> 

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