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I used this faceplate and installation is pretty straight forward (bend out
tabs on the back of the bezel, remove glass, pull off stopper and pointer,
remove two small screws and then re-glue needle stopper and signal lights
from old to new faceplate.
One thing to first remove the stopper and mark exactly where the pointer was
resting when not engaged on needle stopper.
Once pushing it back after new faceplate is installed just push it back on
in same position to make sure speed reading is consistent.

One thing I did notice is that re-production is not perfect match to the old
faceplate (at least for '71 car).
My old one (and also the tachometer) has satin black base color while this
one is more gloss.
Not really noticeable looking trough glass, once all is back together, but
you can see it if you look closely.


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Hall Pantera sell new face plates in km/h and as long as the equivalent
speed is in the same place on the dial it will read correctly, e.g. 70 mph
digit is same point as 113 km/h. However with this change the odometer will
still be recording in miles.



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I have a speedo in MPH that I am ready to trade against any KPH , if anyone
is interested !
best to all
Pat ( Candy - ADA )

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