[DeTomaso] Engine swaps

Paul Rimov rimovp at icloud.com
Fri Jan 5 21:01:00 EST 2018

So on my way home I was trying to think of the most interesting engine swap done in a Pantera. I know there have been lots of big blocks and nascar swaps, 4.6-5.4 modular swaps, a few Chevy swaps, a Hemi, a couple of BMW V-8 and recently a Eco-boost and Coyotes swaps. I wonder if any one has ever put an Italian engine in the Pantera like from a 308-328 or Ferrari V12 or an engine from a Masarrati. Rick Mossely and I talked a few times about the feasibility of a W12 a few times. Any way just curious.  Cheers 

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