[DeTomaso] FW: Pantera ignition miss diagnosis - MSD Coil on 6328

Mike & Elizabeth Thomas mbefthomas at comcast.net
Sun Oct 22 13:09:43 EDT 2017

Had a rough running ignition issue last year with 6328 that took a while to
solve as well.  Whether the car was idling or on throttle, there was a loud
ticking that would follow the RPM's up and down and sounded just like a
lifter or something mechanical.  It wasn't until I came home one evening,
getting ready to back the car into the garage, after getting out to open the
garage door and starting to walk back to the car, noticed a flashing in the
engine bay in sync with the ticking.  I opened the deck and saw an arc from
the black terminal on my MSD Blaster coil to the center post of the coil.
Got the car in the garage, shut it down, and reached in to explore the top
of the coil.  I could feel a melted spot on the side of the post opposite
the black terminal.  When I pulled the coil, the arcing had burned a hole
through the side of the post.  Not sure what started that situation, but I
had a combination of a bad plug wire and a frozen mechanical advance on the
MSD 8350 Ready to Run dizzy.  Knowing how much energy the MSD system
generates, I guess that became the weak point and it started to do itself
in.  All issues fixed and it ran better than it has for a long time all
summer long.

Mike Thomas
Pres., Panteras Northwest
Yellow '74 #6328

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I've been struggling with Lori's Pantera for some time. I think I have the
electric choke and fast idle set perfectly, and it works fine in the garage,
but on the road it stumbles and just doesn't want to idle. Last night I had
to back it out of the garage in the dark. I was looking back through the
window when a flash caught my eye....

This morning I fired it up with my iPhone so all of you could see it too....



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