[DeTomaso] Looking for stock 72 Seats or suggestions for new racing style seats.

Scott Couchman scottcouchman at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 22:40:11 EDT 2017

Dave, fwiw, I have stock one-piece seats (I believe theses are early L seats). I found that four changes were instrumental in making my '72 comfortable for me. First, I removed the rear spacers from under the driver's seat. Second, I increased the spacers at the front of the seat (more than twice stock). This tilts the seat to the rear and I don't sit as upright. Third, I removed the adjustable seat tracks so the rear of the seat cushion is bolted directly to the floor. Fourth, a smaller than stock diameter steering wheel. Those four changes made a dramatic difference in accommodating my height. I have stock floor pans. Scott

> On Oct 6, 2017, at 9:58 AM, Dave Hofman <david.hofman at cox.net> wrote:
>   Good Morning,
>   I am looking for a set of original seats for my 72 Pre-L Pantera #2686.
>   A previous owner replaced the stock seats with real nice Hall Pantera
>   seats. The only problem is that I am almost 6'-3" so I need thinner
>   seats that gain me a little more room. I am not opposed to new racing
>   style seats and would like to hear suggestions from those that have
>   blazed this trail before me. Please share your wisdom. I appreciate all
>   input. As soon as I find a solution (dropping the floor is not an
>   option) I will put my Hall Pantera seats up for sale.
>   Feel free to text me at 602.524.6081 or email me at
>   david.hofman at cox.net
>   Thanks
>   Dave Hofman
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