[DeTomaso] Techno Question: The Fuel Vapor control system

Asa Jay Laughton asajay at asajay.com
Thu Mar 23 21:20:08 EDT 2017

   Are you sure it's stainless braid?  Typically it's a grayish cloth
   braid.  Is it possible someone replaces the stock at some point with
   "closest" match which would have been stainless braid?
Asa Jay Laughton - W7TSC, MSgt, USAFR, Retired
& Shelley Marie
Spokane, WA

   On 3/22/2017 5:24 PM, Charles Engles wrote:

   Dear Forum,

                          This is really odd and quite trivial, but here
   goes.   While the engine is out, I have been tidying up the engine
   bay.  For some reason, I noticed that the hose that connects the gas
   tank vent to the factory charcoal canister is braided stainless
   steel.    It seems to be the *only* stock factory braided steel hose in
   the entire engine bay.

                       First dumb techno question:  Does anybody know why
   that seemingly lowly hose was worthy of the stainless steel braided
   hose treatment???....to vent simple gas tank vapor??

                         For the first time I pulled the factory Ford
   Charcoal Canister from its stock location.   I suppose that the
   charcoal is kaput.  I inspected the canister.  It looks like it *could*
   be opened with the proper tool.   I assume that if one could open it
   then it might be possible to dump in another dose of activated charcoal
   for another four decades.

                    Second dumb techno questions regarding the Pantera
   charcoal canister:    for those that worship at the stock original
   altar, does anyone maintain their charcoal canisters?.....or are they
   inoperative stock adornments of the stock original engine bay?

                                                     For those that have
   modified their Pantera and worship at the laissez-faire altar, do you
   completely remove it?   ....add a modern replacement??

                          Yes, I know it is pretty arcane.

                                                    Curious,  Chuck Engles


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