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My .02, if you are going to all of this trouble to get it ready to sell, the further you get from an original-style set up and the more personalized you make it, the harder it will be to sell and the lower your sale price will be.  Clean up the body, put a strong running normally-aspirated carb motor in, paint it red, black or yellow (the yellow is my preference based on 6328, but I don’t think yellow is one of the top three popular colors), ask a fair price and you should have no trouble finding a happy new owner.

Good luck, your results may vary . . .
Mike Thomas
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Looking to the collective for some advice.

I have a car that I am getting ready to paint and will be reselling it after the paint and interior are finished.

I have installed a new motor, clutch -etc.  The body has two bad spots that will be repaired before painting.  I has rust in the roof over the cross member in the engine compartment and a PO installed vents in the back deck which I will have removed.  The affected areas will be rebuilt with metal and no fill.  It is also getting the hood replaced with a fiber glass vented version from Bob Byers and a new windshield.

The question is there are vent slats in the front fenders and NACA ducts in the lower quarters at the engine compartment.  My body man/painter has offered to also remove these body mods during the repainting process.  Painting, body work and interior fixes will be about 10k.

Also I have a twin turbo set up to go on the car.  It currently has a Demon 750 that runs great.  The turbo set up is a Gail Banks 850 blow through carb with manifold and turbos.  I am thinking that it will 
require opening up the rear fender wells for the exhaust.   Don't know 
if it would add 5k value to the car if installed?

The car has about 45K miles and I am looking to maximize the resale value.

I have attached a photo of the car when I picked it up and it shows these particular body mods.  The question is would it be worth it to pay extra to have these mods removed?

Thoughts and opinions are welcome.


jerry knotts

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