[DeTomaso] Techno question: Rear Jack Plate

Will Kooiman will.kooiman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:41:53 EST 2017

I did a similar modification to my car in the rear.  I didn¹t open it up
and weld a piece of rectangular tubing, but rather just welded a piece of
1/4² plate.

Very easy, and now I don¹t worry about jacking in the rear.

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>Dear Dennis:   Thanks for sharing the pictures....and the pucks!
>regards,  Chuck Engles
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>Hockey pucks work well and can be carried easily in the frunk.
>One would probably work, but I use two side by side in front of the lip on
>the rear cross member.  The pucks are just thicker than the lip and are
>rubber so distribute the load well.
>See pictures
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