[DeTomaso] NW brothers-engine work

Mike Thomas mbefthomas at comcast.net
Fri Jan 27 21:37:39 EST 2017

For the ZF, there is only one - Byron Sanborn at Vintage Racing Motors in Redmond.  Great guy.  Not sure on a good Cleveland guy.
Good luck.  Good to hear from you.

Mike Thomas
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This is mostly for the NW clan, but I'm reaching out to all for any advice.
My engine is starting to smoke slightly. Mostly coming out of the passenger side exhaust. Not white smoke, just the light grey oil kind. More on initial startup then tapering off. I would then suspect maybe valve guides are the issue, correct?
Regardless I have wanted to rebuild it for some time due to some pissy oil leaks and general lack of performance. Plus I've wanted to have the ZF inspected since I've bought it (I know,bad me).
It's got about 60,000 miles, stock 351C 4V. Not the original motor.
I've changed it out to E.I.(Duraspark2) but nothing else internally.
I'm also in the process of converting to a Kirk Evans flat firewall kit and need some A/C help to finish that. Oh yeah and some suspension work!
The paint sucks but I like not having to worry about it and I'll let the next guy strip it down. But of course if the price is right...
For now I like it as a driver and would just be happy to make it go, stop and handle like it should. I do not have the facilities,tools nor the knowledge to do what this car deserves. I know just enough to be dangerous and I want it to be done right.

Soooo, my question to you fine folks is can anyone recommend a shop or person qualified to help me out located somewhere in the NW territory?
Thank you for your time and any direction you can point me, Matt

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