[DeTomaso] Techno question: Rear Jack Plate

Dave Londry davel at emspace.com
Fri Jan 27 13:38:04 EST 2017

Post them please.
I use a piece of 4x4 pine with w 3/4 inch slot cut in one edge.
Works fine, but it won't be with me if I ever need to jack the rear when 
I'm away from home.

On 1/27/17 10:20 AM, thells wrote:
>     Chuck,
>     I have a '72 car that Gary worked on where he welded in a 1/4" steel
>     plate filling the space between the frame rails behind the transmission
>     as a jack plate, it works very well.
>     He also welded in 2 large 1/4" plates on the inboard frame rails just
>     behind the front tires on either side of the car as front jack points,
>     these prevent a lot of wear and tear on the frame rails themselves. Let
>     me know if you want pictures of this.
>     Dan
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>       > Dear Forum,
>       >
>       > I have heard about permanently affixed rear jack plates
>       > for a long time. Mostly, I seem to recall them in Hall Pantera
>       > catalogs. I have never actually seen one.
>       >
>       > At present, I have my drivetrain out and the motivation
>       > to affix a rear jack plate. I have an appropriately sized 1/2 inch
>       > thick slab of aluminum. After inspection, I would expect to drill
>       a
>       > couple of holes through the rear cross brace, but I wonder if
>       there are
>       > any *better* methods to fasten the jackplate into position??
>       >
>       > Curious, Chuck Engles
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