[DeTomaso] Cold air intake pickup locations

Stephen steve at snclocks.com
Tue Jan 24 10:58:37 EST 2017

My experimenting when learning more about the potential impact of putting glass in the deck-lid opening, as well as the experience of others shows that the air under the car that comes up into the engine compartment is roughly 40F warmer than ambient - in that the air from the radiator flows under the car and up into the engine compartment.  

Stephen Nelson

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I am considering a dual snorkel air cleaner with cold air ducts running down either side of the firewall just forward of the engine.  The passenger side could be routed more outbound than the driver side due to the fuel tank.  I live in a hot region, so any non-heated air would be of benefit.

1) Is the underneath of the car a low pressure area that would deter from airflow?
2) Is there significant heat from the radiator and coolant tubes on the driver side to negate any benefit?
3) Would the added drag of a longer duct significantly reduce air flow?

Thoughts?  Rationale?

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