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Sorry, that first link doesn't work directly. You have to enter make, model and year. Enter 1965 Ford Mustang, light duty rotors and all 16 will appear.


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> I have all ideals when I got around to shaving off the rust from my original
> rotors they would be pretty thin.
> PLEASE continue the search for rears
> Joe/NC
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>> Hi guys,
>> Some years ago, some smart people here figured out that 1965-1967 Mustang
> front brake rotors were a perfect replacement for the stock Pantera front
> rotors, with the advantage that they were vented.  The Euro GTS had vented
> rotors as an option, but original Euro vented rotors are rare and
> exceptionally expensive.
>> Stock Mustang rotors were cheap and readily available until a few years
> ago.  Then the industry changed, and instead of manufacturing them like
> before (where the hub and the rotor were two separate parts, as on the
> Pantera), they went to a one-piece casting where the hub was cast integral
> with the rotor.  While they were a cheap and reasonable option for the
> Mustang crowd, that made them no longer suitable for Pantera use.
>> A few years ago, I stumbled across a Mustang vintage race prep shop in
> southern California that said they had tooled up to reproduce original-spec
> Mustang rotors, produced by a company called Centric.  Besides the normal
> option, they also offered them with nice optional features, such as slotted
> surface, cryogenic treatment, or both.  I organized a group buy here, and
> over 100 of you ordered some.  I filled the orders, but then it wasn't
> possible to get any more unless I did another volume buy.
>> Fast-forward to 2017.  Turns out Centric is the OEM arm of the aftermarket
> company Stoptech (or perhaps Stoptech is the aftermarket arm of the OEM
> supplier Centric).  And it further turns out that these discs are now
> readily available from multiple sources, for a fair bit less (maybe even
> substantially less) than what I had to pay, and was selling them for.
>> I just ordered a pair of slotted, cryo-treated rotors from Summit for a
> guy in Germany, and they are PERFECT.  They will bolt right up to the front
> end of the Pantera in place of the stock solid rotors.  The outside diameter
> is ever so slightly different (no factor), as is the offset.  However, when
> De Tomaso engineers designed the front end, somebody forgot to carry a '1'
> and the caliper offset was incorrect relative to the stock solid rotors, so
> a thin spacer had to be introduced to space the caliper inboard.  The
> different offset of these Centric rotors means that band-aid spacer is
> removed, and the caliper is thus perfectly centered on the rotor.
>> Centric offers a dizzying array of options, starting with a plain,
> standard OEM-style Mustang rotor, all the way to a cross-drilled, slotted,
> cryogenically treated rotor (slotting makes them handed, with different part
> number for left and right).
>> This link takes you to the Centric catalog where all the rotors are
> listed--16 in all:
> https://centricparts.centriccatalog.com/Inquiry/PartInt.aspx?pn=121.61053&id
> =WEB_DISC&v=LD&y=1965&m=54&mm=688&uid=ANR&sid=0
>> There are actually three different brand names used.  I think C-Tek is the
> 'bargain' brand, although I'm not sure.  Centric is the premium OEM
> replacement brand, while StopTech is the high-end brand.  All three seem to
> use the same basic design, but the Centric and StopTech rotors use better
> materials and feature a premium finish.  Here's a link to the description of
> the Centric premium rotors:
>> http://www.centricparts.com/products/centric-premium-brake-rotors
>> And here is the description of the higher-end StopTech rotors, which are
> the same as the Centric rotors except with the benefit of optional features
> such as cryo treatment, slotting, drilling, or any combination of the three:
>> http://www.centricparts.com/products/stoptech-sport-rotors
>> Best of all is the price--these high-quality rotors are much, MUCH less
> expensive than custom Wilwood rotors, or rotors that are intended for other
> applications (such as Porsche) that go through an extensive/expensive
> machining/klugeing process to make them suitable for Pantera use.  For
> literally less than half the cost, you can just pull quality rotors out of a
> box and bolt them right up to the front of your Pantera.  Happy days!
>> The standard rotors are available from Summit, although their online
> catalog isn't smart enough to list them by application (1965-67 Mustang).
> Going backwards from the Centric catalog and searching on the part number,
> these appeared:
>> https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ceb-120-61053
>> The rest of the offerings can be found in a similar fashion; here's an
> ugly link to the StopTech offerings:
> https://www.summitracing.com/search/year/1965/make/ford/model/mustang/depart
> ment/brake-systems/part-type/brake-rotors?SortBy=Default&SortOrder=Ascending
> &N=4294947032%2B4294951343%2B4294951333%2B4294947838%2B4294947817%2B402150
>> A word on drilled rotors--most people who run cars hard agree that drilled
> rotors are a bad idea.  They were fashionable for awhile, as they nominally
> offered better cooling, but they also tend to lead to cracks.  Race cars
> that used drilled rotors usually see them thrown in the trash at the end of
> the day.  They look cool, but aren't really a good solution, and most race
> cars no longer rely on cross-drilling.
>> Slotting the rotors does seem to pay big dividends with no penalties.  The
> slots sweep away pad debris and water, offering superior stopping
> performance.
>> Cryo treatment also pays dividends.  Through some magic that isn't
> well-explained (I'm sure you can Google it and find out specifically why it
> improves rotor life), cryo treatment makes the rotors last longer.
>> So, to my mind, the best possible option would be a cryo-treated, slotted
> rotor.  The slots make the rotors 'handed' (that is, there is a left and
> right side rotor), while the plain rotors are designed to be run on either
> side.  The part numbers for the slotted rotors including "L" or "R" at the
> end accordingly.
>> If you search on the part number, you can find these rotors on Amazon,
> PartsGeek.com and other places as well.  Generally the parts prices are
> lower than Summit, but Summit offers free shipping while the others charge
> $25 each or something like that, meaning that the best overall deal is
> probably from Summit.  You can probably also order them direct from your
> local auto parts store, if that turns you on.
>> Over 100 of you have already installed these rotors on the front of your
> Panteras, so you know that they fit and they work great.  That means the
> rest of you can buy with confidence.
>> One final word on this subject:  The stock solid brake rotors work
> absolutely fine for 90% of Pantera owners, perhaps even more.  If you have
> never pushed your car hard enough so that the brakes overheated, so the
> pedal got squishy and the pads started stinking, then you will see
> ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT from changing to these vented rotors.  However, if you
> have found yourself at the bottom of a winding mountain road with a long
> brake pedal, or had to back off during a track day because the brakes
> started going away, this is a very simple, cheap way to at least initially
> address the problem.
>> Granted, a full-on Godzilla Wilwood brake setup will certainly offer
> superior performance under extreme use.  But for aggressive street driving
> or moderate track-day work, these vented front rotors, in conjunction with
> the stock rear rotors, with good Porterfield pads, braided stainless hoses,
> a master cylinder in good condition, and the stock proportining valve in
> good working order, will likely produce all the braking power you will ever
> need.
>> (Note that the stock Pantera rear rotor has a larger diameter than the
> front rotor, so these rotors will NOT work in the rear.  It's quite likely
> another Ford product has a rotor that would do the job, but unfortunately I
> don't have knowledge of that, although I do plan to research it someday....)
>> Photos of the StopTech 126-61053CSL (slotted/cryo) rotor appear below.

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