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Thomas Törnblom thomas at hax.se
Fri Jan 20 19:02:30 EST 2017

Wouldn't all 351c filters have a bypass and  most also an anti drain back valve?

The anti drain back and overflow valves are completely unrelated. 

If the filter gets clogged, the pressure relief valve in the pump will not help lubricating the engine. The bypass valve in the filter needs to open to allow unfiltered oil to the engine or it will be toast in seconds.

Personally I run filters without a bypass valve, but they are not common and I replace it frequently. It is for some Nissan diesel truck that has the bypass in the block. 

> 20 jan. 2017 kl. 23:04 skrev Doug <doug351c at gmail.com>:
> Mike,
> I agree.  Overall it's an interesting article but I'm surprised Marlan Davis
> made the error of stating there's a bypass valve in a premium Motorcraft
> performance oil filter.  Premium filters have a superior "drainback valve"
> not a "bypass valve".  In a 351C, the bypass valve is in the oil pump.
> Doug Braun
> Blue 73L #5505
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> Interesting article...
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> Mike
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