[DeTomaso] NAPA thermostat gotcha

Joseph F. Byrd, Jr. byrdjf at embarqmail.com
Thu Jan 19 12:42:46 EST 2017

Hard to tell without a side view, but neither don't look like a "RobertShaw"
to me.

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Hi guys,

Back in town and parts-chasing for eurodudes once more, I went to the NAPA
auto parts store to get a 351C thermostat. The parts counter lady looked it
up on her computer and cheerfully handed over a Windsor thermostat. 

'Nope' I said. 'But the computer says its the right one' she says. 

Same old story. 

I then had her look up a thermostat for a 1972 Mustang with a 351C. 

'Huh. It's a different part number?'

Go figure. 

She went and got it, and sure enough, it was the right one. Here is a photo
of them side by side with the Cleveland on the right. 

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