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Larry - Ohio Time Larry at OhioTimeCorp.com
Wed Jan 4 14:38:01 EST 2017


I agree with you 100% for driving lights, but when you click on the high
beams all bets off. If you're not cooking the deer that runs into you high
beams, you need more power!

Larry (I've seen the light) - Cleveland

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I've been watching this Headlight thread "flash" by, quietly wondering 
if anyone worries about dying in the head-on caused by cauterizing the 
retinas of the oncoming driver.

Jeff touched on this point.
I admit to having drop-in halogen replacements though.


On 1/04/17 2:51 AM, JEFFREY COBB wrote:
> True what you all say about reflector, filament and lamp design.
> The interface of all three are crucial to the lamps output lumens, pattern
function and temperature.
> Today a person can retrofit a Xenon bulb into a 1971 Euro designed light
housing, which would have been designed for Type A, H-1, H-4 bulbs and have
much better lamp than what the 1971 unit could have ever dreamed of
> Substitution of diff bulbs and reflectors can work but not all the time,
most of the time a high powered bulb, example a H-4 130/160 w, a H-4 210 w
single filament high beam bulb or H-1 130 or 160 w just will shotgun blast a
massive blinding uncontrolled beam.
> LEDs are fantastic as long as the reflector and lens are designed as as
team with the LED.
> All other bulbs/ filaments are designed with a glowing filament or a glass
bulb containing sodium
> which glows as a xenon, to have this glowing mass set correctly relative
to filaments axis and the focal point of the reflector.
> LEDs are a fantastic light source that projects light off of a flat
surface onward toward the object, to a reflector for an improved light beam
pattern or through a lens that magnifies the LEDs output.
> That is why you see so many different designed led bulbs to take the place
of a halogen, most of the time if you can just find a company that locates
the led bulb axis correctly and have enough lumens then you are in business.
> Jeff Cobb- I pad
> On Jan 3, 2017, at 12:55 PM, Charles McCall <charlesmccall at gmail.com>
>> I heard the same thing about Xenon lights a few years ago - putting a
>> bulb in a reflector made for halogen was not nearly as effective as if
>> reflector had been designed for the Xenon.
>> (I did it anyway - then found that the kit didn't include high beams,
>> is a no-go for our annual safety inspection!)
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>> Hi Jeff,
>> I was talking to a guy that designs lights not long ago. He told me that
>> reflectors are designed for a particular lamp, because they produce the
>> light differently (how it shined out of the lamp).  He also said that all
>> LED lamps are very different then the standard lamps we have had for
>> There is no standard for LED lamps yet.
>> I think there is the same problem with HID lamps made by different
>> manufactures.
>> Larry (not bright) - Cleveland
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>> I already have a nice set of Cibie lights. I contacted this company to
>> check on the compatibility of their LED bulbs with the Cibie  units. They
>> e-mailed back that they were compatible and had others using the same.
>> They want $159 for just the LEDs or $209 complete units. For as little as
>> drive needing the headlights just can't justify the cost.

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