[DeTomaso] Re-starting my Pantera Restoration - Again!

Joseph F. Byrd, Jr. byrdjf at embarqmail.com
Sun Dec 31 22:21:40 EST 2017

I wonder if there are any repair facilities that use something like a FARO laser scanner, that could compare actual surfaces to a straight car and show what needs to be moved

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Doesn’t it come down to budget? Anything can be fixed, but at what cost.

My guy here in Sandy Eggo, restores all sorts of high-end cars. Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s , etc etc and does magic. But I’m sure it would be pricy. 

I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions from the group.  ;-))


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    Hey DeTomaso Listers!
    First of all, Happy New Year!
    Second, I’m thinking that 2018 should be the year to – once again – get
    serious about restoring our ’72 Pantera that I started restoring about 20
    years ago or so.
    Here’s where I really need some help.  The thing that always brings the
    project to a halt is the fact that, due to accident damage under previous
    ownership, the unibody seems to have about ¼ inch larger gap in the
    passenger-side door opening and upper passenger side window cavity compared
    to the driver’s side.
    Several body/frame shops, as well as at least one of our highly esteemed
    Pantera Parts Vendors, have told me that it’s not worth fixing, can’t be
    fixed, move on and get another car!  
    I’m finding it difficult to believe that this problem can’t be fixed but I
    don’t know how and don’t have the requisite skills.  But, from stripping off
    the paint and bondo, it appears that the roof was brazed on at the bottom of
    the front roof pillars and at the top of the rear quarters.  So, I’m
    thinking perhaps the alignment of the roof/pillars was just rushed by the
    body shop/backyard mechanic that repaired the car post-accident.
    Can you all weigh-in on whether or not this lopsided unibody can be
    re-aligned so that the passenger-side door fits correctly and there is no
    gap in the upper passenger-side windshield?  Or should I simply put it back
    together crooked like it was before?  After all it drove great!  I guess the
    car didn’t know it was crooked!
    Oh, I should mention, the frame/suspension aligns perfectly – no issues
    there. Just poorly fitting passenger door and windshield.
    Charles Copeland


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