[DeTomaso] What's the shock Eye to Eye length ? - Uneven shock adjustments

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This question brings up a curiosity I've had about #6328 since I first put
the adjustable Alden coilovers, then the set of Konis from DQ, on the car.

I wanted to set the ride height such that the car was level all around and
the rear lower A arms were parallel to the ground, what I understand was
Dallara's intent when he designed the suspension for the Pantera for optimal
handling.  However, I could not quite get there: When I went to adjust the
front coilovers, there is almost a 3/4" difference left to right to get the
front of the car level side to side.  When I realized the right front was
the limiting factor, I adjusted the rest to match, and had to stop there.
At this setting, when measured at the rocker front and back, both sides,
there is no more then 1/8" difference at any location.  This was done with a
full tank of fuel, but without a driver.  The car would still have to drop
another 1/2" to get the rear A arms parallel to the ground.

Does this affect the way the car drives?  Probably not, but it became a
curiosity when I was trying to set it up.  I did not do any other
measurements to compare such as the distance between shock mounting points
side to side, etc., and will have that checked and corrected if possible
when the car goes in for restoration in a year or two.  I also know the car
was hit at some point in the left rear, but don't believe that twisted the
monocoque as all doors and panels align properly and the majority of the car
is dead straight (some sheet metal issues where the repair was done that
will need reworking).

Thoughts?  Is this not uncommon?
What say you?


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Compressed length, uncompressed length or length at normal road height at

Just about everything you could want from a chassis/suspension datum
perspective is here at Ted Mitchell's Vader Racing site;


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What's the shock Eye to Eye length ?

Best regards,
Don Thomas

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