[DeTomaso] Pantera colors

Jim Kosloskey jim.kosloskey at jim-kosloskey.com
Sat Dec 30 23:39:49 EST 2017

Here is why my Pantera is Yellow.

In 1974 when I bought it I lived in Dearborn MI and commuted to work downtown Detroit.

The Pantera in Detroit at that time was pretty much one of the smallest cars on the road. One of the vehicle I was driving was a Mercury Sedan and I had a number of close calls commuting where others claimed they did not see my car.

So I ordered Yellow which was the brightest color available.

Yes during the summer I drove the Pantera back and forth to work day or night. I worked in IT so we worked all around the clock.

I also drove it to my Softball Games all around Metro Detroit and anywhere else I wanted to go.

In 1974  I drove it to California and back.

I never once had a close call. I attribute that to mostly the other drivers curiosity  about the car but also the Yellow stood out.

When I had the car redone recently I had it taken completely down to the metal and thus could have had any color I wanted. 

I was thinking about red but I was happy with the Yellow so I kept it that way.

Jim Kosloskey #6949

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In a survey I did in the early '80s of around 100 cars, I found that about half were some shade of red, followed by black, then yellow. The least popular color was green including 'seafoam-green' (the lime shade).

Easy to check the OEM color of your car: DeTomaso painted the whole shell inside & out before anything was bolted on, so under the floormats or behind the dash where no restorers ever repaint, is the original color. True, there was a decal in the front trunk that had the paint code on it but few survived even 5 yrs of driving. Cheers- J DeRyke

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Dear Forum,
When considering a Pantera purchase are original color cars worth more?
Is there a color that is considered most desirable?
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