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Himes, Terry (397C) terry.himes at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Dec 29 19:34:44 EST 2017

Aw crap.  The SNJ-4 is gone and replaced with an SNJ-5 ?  AND the price has really jumped up! 


Here is a video someone did a while ago.  Blue SNJ-4 (unless my memory is shot!)

You can correct my numbers (4 or 5).  I could be wrong. It was called an SNJ by the Navy and T6 by the Air Force.
Trainer aircraft.


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    Turboprop....SNJ T6 ?  
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    Whoa!!!   That is awesome!  I mentioned the P&W Turboprop only because 
    we have a SNJ T6 here at Montgomery field, San Diego.
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