[DeTomaso] SPC: Pantera in Dubai

Mike & Elizabeth Thomas mbefthomas at comcast.net
Thu Dec 28 16:32:35 EST 2017

I went to their website, http://www.tominiclassics.com/, and took a look at
the ad.  It's a '72 L with only about 3000 miles on it.  I sent them an
email to see if they'll rovide the VIN to search Provamo.

I'd try Chuck Melton's registry, www.provamo.com, if you have the VIN, there
is info for many of the later cars there.

Mike Thomas
Pres., Panteras Northwest
Yellow '74 #6328

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Hi Mike, I bought my 1984 GT-5, about 10 years ago, from a fellow close to
the Boston Ma., area. Steve had owned the car for about 19 years, and he
told the that the person he had got the car from, had imported it  from
Dubai, where it was suposedly  sold new. Do you know of anyplace that would
have any original paperwork on the later Pantera's? Don't think Kevin Marti
has anything for the later ones. Best regards, Mike Gilmore -----Original
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Well, we know there is at least one Panera in Dubai.  Caught this one of
Doug DMuro's reviews, this of a '63 Ferrari Lusso, a red L model Pantera
sitting in a classic car dealership in Dubai.  Be interesting to find out
more about how it got there.  At 36 second in you'll see during a sweep of
the showroom the red L sitting next to a Alfa Montreal.


Cheers and Happy New Year from Panteras Northwest.

Mike Thomas

Pres., Panteras Northwest


Yellow '74 #6328

www.panterasnorthwest.com <http://www.panterasnorthwest.com/>


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