[DeTomaso] Lithium Jump Start Gizmo is this Real???

Michael Barnes michaelbarnessrt10 at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 12:29:37 EST 2017

I have one of the larger ones,size of an iPhone plus,and this will start my viper engine.

Regards Michael

> On 22 Dec 2017, at 17:26, Garth Rodericks via DeTomaso <detomaso at server.detomasolist.com> wrote:
>   Hi Ken,
>   They work!  I've purchased one of these from Costco for each of my
>   kids.  And we've used them several times when someone left their lights
>   on and drained their battery on a foggy morning, etc.
>   [1]https://www.costco.com/Lithium-Jump-Starter-Portable-Power-Bank-with
>   -Brush-Metal-Finish.product.100383979.html
>   Just know that it needs to be charged in order to work.  Don't throw it
>   into your trunk and forget about it for a year and a half and expect it
>   to work.  I charge mine every 3-4 months to keep them topped off, just
>   in case.  Like most things, I figure as long as I have it and am ready,
>   I won't need it; but the moment I don't have it or it's not charged,
>   that's when I'll need it.
>   Cheers!
>   Garth
>   #4033
> References
>   1. https://www.costco.com/Lithium-Jump-Starter-Portable-Power-Bank-with-Brush-Metal-Finish.product.100383979.html
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