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Terry also has the “gift”!
No wonder they didn’t want Michael Shortt!

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>   Ah ha...Terry has extraterrestrial insights ... now it's all starting
>   to make sense.
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>   Right??? Thatas it.
>   "A Purple Heart proves you were smart enough to hatch a plan,
>   stupid enough to try it and lucky enough to survive!"
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>   On 12/17/17, 12:11 PM, "Ed Mendez" <[2]edducati at mac.com> wrote:
>   My only kick backs were smiles on all my friends faces. Thatas worth a
>   million bucks.
>   Ed
>> On Dec 17, 2017, at 11:24, Himes, Terry (397C)
>   <[3]terry.himes at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:
>> Well, Iam sure itas all about the kickbacks, right? I normal for the
>   organizers to get kickbacks for bringing
>> lots of people to a property or venue. And that is Ok! After all,
>   they are volunteeras and should get some compensation
>> for all their hard work. So, my guess is (and that is all it is),
>   that the riff is someone(s) getting greedy. Just a
>> guess, and maybe Iam being cynical. HaHa ;-))
>> Entertaining anyway. ;-)
>> "A Purple Heart proves you were smart enough to hatch a plan,
>> stupid enough to try it and lucky enough to survive!"
>> Terry W. Himes
>> JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
>> Dawn Spacecraft Team
>> Rosetta Sequence Team Lead
>> Phone: (818) 393-6261
>> Cell: (818) 653-8213
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>> On 12/16/17, 10:52 AM, "DeTomaso on behalf of Laurie Ferrari via
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>> Well.... in light of all this, of which I honestly am not overly
>   surprised, having been on the Board... but..... I think it would be of
>   interest to know who actually supplied the research behind the post you
>   quote. Doesn't seem like Gerry would mistake facts in such a way. Kind
>   of leaves little doubt that there is a faction that is attempting to
>   control decisions with little, if any, regard to what the membership
>   has voted upon. All who attended know how actually beautiful the
>   Monterey event was and how excellent, the Hyatt Regency. Also, if, as
>   you say, Monterey was a much larger revenue producer for the Club, then
>   it's even more difficult to understand the change. It'd be of interest
>   to know who on our Board is getting pointers from the FBI?
>> I would also like to question WHY the phone number that enables
>   members to listen to meetings as part of the move for transparency...
>   has an access code listed on the POCA Website that was not valid, at
>   last attempt.
>> Yours truly,
>> Laurie
>> __________________________________________________________________
>> The POCA BOD decided to go to Las Vegas because we did not have
>   anyone that could facilitate the event in Monterey. The D'Orazios
>   cannot attend May 16-June 3 and Josette runs the store and is in Charge
>   of membership registration. No-One volunteered to run the event. We
>   were ready to vote on Monterey if anyone volunteered to do so....No-One
>   came forward. ......the alternative was Las Vegas at the Orleans / new
>   Boutique hotel with dates that we all could attend and host. The
>   proposal was voted on that said Las Vegas in 2018 and Monterey in 2019.
>> We are still negotiating with two Las Vegas Hotels.....details
>   shortly.
>> Las Vegas will feature an event at SpeedVegas, Antique Auto Museum
>   tour , Car Show and Banquet Dinner.
>> Respectfully trying to get the word out.
>> Gerry Romack
>> =====
>> I was asked at the banquet at the last Fun Rally if I would do
>   Monterey again, I said yes absolutely, so I was making plans to make an
>   even better event, only to find out that actions were being taken to go
>   to Las Vegas despite all of my efforts to go forward with Monterey. I
>   was elected by the POCA board to be the Fun Rally Committee and as such
>   it was evident to me that Las Vegas would not be a viable option.
>   Despite my disagreement with ever going back to Las Vegas plans were
>   being made without my involvement what so ever. In addition, Monterey
>   was being looked at by John Tomlin of PCNC without my involvement, I
>   also found this out after the fact. It became clear that I was not
>   wanted as the Fun Rally Committee and my opinions did not matter any
>   longer. This is why 1 month ago I stepped down from as Fun Rally
>   Committee Chairman.
>> I was 100% completely ready to do another Monterey, and have always
>   let the board know this. As a matter of fact, the POCA survey that was
>   put out; Monterey was the number 1 choice. The excuses that the SCCA
>   could not give us the track event in writing is hog wash, the SCCA
>   event has been held that same weekend for the last 5 years and my
>   contact at SCCA told me last July that it would be the same weekend in
>   2018. I told the board this information. Monterey kept getting put off
>   so we lost the big ballroom at the Hyatt, but the hotel gave me an
>   alternate that could have worked, I actually drove up to Monterey 6
>   weeks ago and had a look. So I was ready to go and things were stalled
>   as Vegas was being planned.
>> So saying that no one stepped forward or volunteered to do Monterey
>   again if completely false.
>> I am wondering why is it that every successful Fun Rally the people
>   that are asked to volunteer their time to do an epic event never want
>   to do it again, hence ask Gil Mares about Phoenix, ask Marshall Smith
>   about San Diego. Gil actually quit POCA and SDP will never do another
>   event.
>> After the board vote to go back to Las Vegas on Dec. 8th, I decided
>   to step down as Public Relations Director from the POCA board and for
>   the sake of the DeTomaso community I was going to do Monterey again in
>   2018. I stepped down because it would have been seen as a conflict of
>   interest It was not a spiteful act, it is for the further enrichment of
>   the marque and the people that stand behind it, it is why I chose Forza
>   DeTomaso - The Force behind the Marque.
>> I just want to be clear about this because the above statement is
>   really insulting.
>> Kind regards,
>> Ed
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