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Your car can be fixed. BUT we can not replace a Vintage Grouchy & Dirty man
like yourself. Stay safe and healthy in the clean, fresh, but thin, mountain

Friends are like Angels,  You don't have to see them to know they are

Your friend,

Larry (just dirty) - Cleveland

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Dear Friends,


Long known as "Grouchy & Dirty", it takes some tragedy to remind me of who
my friends really are.


Suffering from low O2 (I have been told) I fell asleep driving the Pantera
home from a paint match appt. Through a fence, through the cedar forest,
downed a sign,  through a cable fence (amazing I wasn't decapitated!),
through the air over a driveway and parked in a tree.  What we call . . .
the Finch?


After: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljw43T0mI_8 


Insurance says car is totaled, Jim D. says it can be fixed. Options: part it
out or fix or sell as a project?


Other than some pulmonary issues, that is all the news.


Be safe, STAY AWAKE, have fun.


All the best?


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