[DeTomaso] NPC - ??? DMV/legal process to claim abandoned car in CA???

Larry Finch fresnofinches at aol.com
Sun Dec 17 16:50:45 EST 2017


NPC but truly car-guy related.

I have stumbled across a small, waaaay out of the way vehicle storage yard that is basically fully stocked with collectable cars (100 or so???) placed there by hopeful ….."I’m going to get to that soon”… owners.

Not wrecks, not rust buckets, most with all glass still intact and many tires still holding air. These are neat, collectible cars that could find a good home.  But not if they remain sitting in that yard. 

I have a car of my own there and am getting to know the owner who tells me many of the cars have BIG unpaid bills and he can likely take title but he has no driving intent to do so in the near future.

So, they sit safe and secure, and unknown to most. Slowing wasting away……….  

I’m toying with seeing if I can work something with the yard owner where he would allow me to to handle the collection/lien/take possession process on some of the better, more collectible cars, at my time and expense.

Of course, prior to that action, I will have established what my purchase price will be when the title transfers to the yard owner.  ;-)

A couple of the cars do appeal to me enough to consider keeping with perhaps just minimal restoration, but most just need someone else to bring them back to life. I can be the middle man.

But first they have to be made available. 


I imagine the yard owner needs proof of the payments being in arrears, he has to make good faith effort(s) to notify vehicle owner of unpaid charges - perhaps multiple attempts over a set period of time?,
     perhaps publish a legal announcement somewhere ?, file documents with DMV….. and who knows what else.

Does any member of this email list have knowledge of just how, here in California, the yard owner needs to proceed to take title of a vehicle for unpaid storage fees?

Please contact me off list with your wisdom or URL links, or call me at the …..3497 number listed in the POCA roster.

Or post to the list so we can all learn something.



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