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jtaphorn at kingwoodcable.com jtaphorn at kingwoodcable.com
Fri Dec 15 22:32:18 EST 2017

Wow David, glad you came through unscathed.  

I'd consider buying it from the insurance company (probably between $15k & $20k) and selling it on e-ba/forum y to someone with the skills, money and time to restore it.  Then buy a nice driver with the gross proceeds.

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Dear Friends,


Long known as "Grouchy & Dirty", it takes some tragedy to remind me of who
my friends really are.


Suffering from low O2 (I have been told) I fell asleep driving the Pantera
home from a paint match appt. Through a fence, through the cedar forest,
downed a sign,  through a cable fence (amazing I wasn't decapitated!),
through the air over a driveway and parked in a tree.  What we call . . .
the Finch?


After: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljw43T0mI_8 


Insurance says car is totaled, Jim D. says it can be fixed. Options: part it
out or fix or sell as a project?


Other than some pulmonary issues, that is all the news.


Be safe, STAY AWAKE, have fun.


All the best?

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