[DeTomaso] Appraisal and adjustments for Pantera values...

The DeTomaso Registry Guy detomasoregistry at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 13:34:31 EST 2017

Keeping a spreadsheet of Pantera's for sale, beginning (or offer) prices and closing (sales) 
prices would be awesome to track.  

I would do it, but I don't have all the places they popup for sale?


For a little while I included price info with registry details.  A few owners have
supplied sale info, but it is a detail that I suspect many people prefer to keep
private.  And with values changing daily, there may be limited value in "old prices".

So I let other sources put in the effort to include prices.... Like Hagerty.

But if anyone wants to add their purchase or sale price...  There is an area for each
registry entry, that is ONLY available for the car's current owner. 

You would be sharing your price data only with some future owner.

Say prices ARE available for lots of cars...  Then you need very detailed photos
of both the comparable cars, and the subject car, for the appraisal process.  

Does this car have repaired damage, and was the repair to acceptable standards ?
(How can you tell from a photo ?)

With many Panteras having non-factory features, how does one add/subtract for a given mod ?

This car is currently for sale, 2498.

Say market for an average car (sans mods) is $80,000 

What is the adjustment amount +/- for this creation ?



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