[DeTomaso] New Pantera?

Himes, Terry (397C) terry.himes at jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Dec 12 11:12:48 EST 2017

I dunno?  Looks Ok.  But I think this group could come up with a MUCH better design.
Just sayin’


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On 12/12/17, 7:30 AM, "DeTomaso on behalf of Julian Kift" <detomaso-bounces at server.detomasolist.com on behalf of julian_kift at hotmail.com> wrote:

    This is the car the Chinese should have built.....
    <https://www.topgear.com/car-news/supercars/project-panther-new-italian-supercar-lambo-base>So many design cues I think Tome would be proud of, I like a lot. That said it's still a Lamb(o) in a Cat skin, shame it's not going to be a modern Ford V8 power.

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