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Please tell me you won't have a forum like this one - I have enough of a hard time keeping up with this forum - which, of the many I sample, is the best one out there.

Stephen Nelson

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Hi All,

Today I formally stepped down from the Board of Directors of POCA.

I'm starting a new International DeTomaso car club called Forza DeTomaso = The Force behind the Marque, which means the people behind the DeTomaso. That’s you guys. This is for all DeTomaso Pantera and Mangusta owners worldwide. Everyone welcome with the sole purpose to further the Marque we all love.

I’m not competing with POCA as I am still a member, I’m doing this to help the DeTomaso cars and all of my good friends.

So I welcome you all. You might want to check out my new website, and the event I am putting together next summer. The Forza DeTomaso Festa 2018 May 30th - June 3rd at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey and yes with laps around Laguna Seca in your Panteras. Spread the word. A link will be available soon to book the hotel at our special group rate of $189.00 per night with no resort fee. An un-heard of price for Monterey. You'll need to book soon as space will be limited. I’ve already signed the contract with the hotel on my own dime, so this is happening. There will be fun and runs and a chance for you to have your car featured in our first annual 2019 Pantera Bikini Calendar.

https://forzadetomaso.com <https://forzadetomaso.com/>

All for fun and fun for all.

Also check out my Facebook pages at:


and the LIKE page here:


Kind regards, and more to come. Spread the word.


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