[DeTomaso] 2018 Fun Rally

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BTW, Julian, “everyone” does not know, which is why I was asking. Are you saying you knew? How did your get an announcement when Gerry said it’s forthcoming but not ready yet? Do you pay double dues, so you get the scoop up front? 
Well, I did say POCA has its own private group of people, not open to the rest of us. So you must be part of that group then if you knew what we didn’t know.

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> On Dec 6, 2017, at 8:00 PM, Effie Richards <erichards at zogob.sdcoxmail.com> wrote:
>   Garry and Les, thank you for explaining, that's all I can ask for.
>   Looking forward to hearing the announcement.
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>   On Dec 6, 2017, at 5:13 PM, Julian Kift <[1]julian_kift at hotmail.com>
>   wrote:
>   Aw, come on guys & gals, everyone knows it's  back in Vegas, let's stop
>   pretending here!
>   Bring it on with the overhead photos of 5,000 Pantera's parked on
>   Freemont Street, cue the Kumbaya music and let's all raise a glass from
>   the free bar to celebrate the good 'ol days.....
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>   You go girl.I love your style.Keep it up.
>   CheersBill MooreCalgary 403-860-4300
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>   Let me clarify:
>   Only POCA knows and its group of cronies, in all their old glory.
>   The good old days are over.
>   Personally, I'm waiting for the next year to have the 71 completed,
>   making
>   its proper debut, post pictures and then withdraw from where we are not
>   valued.
>   Anyone from POCA out there who would dare inform its paid members about
>   the
>   Rally?
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