[DeTomaso] Fantastic Pantera video!!!

Jim Gray grayjim at cox.net
Sat Oct 22 23:07:34 EDT 2016

Just WHO owns the DeTomaso marque these days?


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Great video, which reminds me that the fairly extensive footage that was 
shot during the Reno Fun Rally by a video company supposedly hired by the 
new owners of the De Toamso marque has never surfaced, wouldn't it be cool 
to lay hands on that!


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Hi guys,

Roger Brotton, England's leading De Tomaso specialist, cooperated in the 
production of a video on the De Tomaso marque which was shot by a start-up 
video company, who had hopes of marketing it. The company seems to have 
disappeared but the video is still available for viewing. Check it out now 
as it might not last.

If somebody could figure out how to 'capture' it in case the link dies 
someday, that would be a Good Thing.




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