[DeTomaso] Flood Salvage '74 Pantera up for auction in Louisiana

cengles at cox.net cengles at cox.net
Mon Oct 17 08:15:30 EDT 2016

Dear Jeff and Chuck,

               If I am not mistaken, I believe that this Pantera is the same one that I discussed about a month ago.  IIRC, it was not possible to get any info on this car.   When I contacted Copart they claimed that they did not have any Panteras.   Later, they claimed that the owner had re-purchased the Pantera.    

               I am unable to locate the old email with the pictures to confirm my memory, but I am pretty sure that this is the previously noted Louisiana flood Pantera.   It will be a challenge, but less than a salt water dunking.

                       Warmest regards,  Chuck Engles

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