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That is a famous bonnet. 

MARIO was Mario Tossi Condivi, proprietor of MTC Cars, the official UK De Tomaso importer. Starting with the first pushbutton Pantera tested by the UK press, a whole string of different Panteras wore the MARIO registration. But yours is special. 

It comes from a 1973 right-hand-drive factory Group 3 race car, which was driven by a talented club racer named Chris Meek. Attached is a photo of him when he ran out of talent and spun in the wet at Silverstone on August 5, 1973. You can clearly see the same markings that appear on your bonnet. 

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I confess I don't know the VIN of the car or its whereabouts today, although I certainly should!


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> Hi chaps?,I bought this on EBay earlier in the summer and wondered if any of you guys have any stories about it.Presumably taken from the remains of a racing a Pantera ,I wonder what happened to the rest,vin number,who was/ is Mario??
> Anyone?
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