[DeTomaso] NPC - Who's watching Formula 1 this weekend!

Tony DiGiovanna tonydigi at optonline.net
Thu Mar 24 19:56:46 EDT 2016

Still enjoying F1, but a little less each year as the rules narrow
ingenuity.  One tire mfr; no refueling; cross-factory engine provisions,
etc.   How long do you figure before they're all driving the same spec
vehicle?  10 years?  Where's the Tyrell 6-wheeler when you need it?  Thought
for sure they were going to fix the anemic-sounding power plants this year,
but no....almost as bad as Formula E.  Not sure what crap got in their heads
with the change in qualifying recipe...$100 says that's gone by race 4.  
Tony "long done with NASCAR and IndyCart" DiGiovanna

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Every year I get excited for a new season hoping for great racing,
rivalries, and drama!

Although disappointed in the racing sometimes, I find the tech and strategy

This year we have an American team on the grid to add interest as well.

I'll be watching Saturday night!

Dennis Valdez 


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