[DeTomaso] Std Lug nut thread? - More to Lugs Than Just the Thread Size

Jerry Knotts knottsj at galstar.com
Sat Mar 19 13:12:48 EDT 2016

Thanks for the heads up.  I am putting the Bassett wheels on the car and 
they have a 45 degree head which is why I want to have a new set of lug 
nuts after I get the tires mounted on the new wheels.

Thanks again,

On 3/19/2016 12:03 PM, Mike Thomas wrote:
> I learned what could have been a very expensive lesson the last time I had
> an alignment done on the Pantera: be sure that the lug nuts you buy for the
> car not only have the right thread, but also the right seat for the design
> of your wheel.  If the seat of the lug is not designed to match the wheel,
> it may torque, but it won't seat properly and will put stresses on that area
> of the wheel that were not designed for.  The lugs I had on 6328 were a
> mismatch seat to the Campy clone wheels, and my alignment guy was heads up
> enough to point it out to me and swap me for the right lugs.
> Mike Thomas
> Pres., Panteras Northwest
> Yellow '74 #6328
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> Have a 71 with what seem to be standard studs in the wheel plates, are they
> 12.5x something or 1/2x20?  Or something different?
> Thanks in advance,
> jerry knotts
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