[DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry

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Thu Mar 3 10:07:55 EST 2016

A number of years ago I contacted "The Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village"
and they told me that most likely they had the Pantera records on micro-film
(fish?)but I would have to dig for it as it was not cataloged. It sounded
like a fun day but never made it out there to do it.

Larry - Cleveland

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I've never shared this sad story, but this thread seemed the appropriate
A few years ago when I was on the POCA board, I went searching for the FMC
records through my contacts at Ford. I spoke to Bob Adams, who was in the
import office for Lincoln as part of his first job. 
Bob said he saw the records for every Pantera that entered the USA. The
documents included the VIN and dealer the car was to go to in North
At my request, he went to the FMC document warehouse in search of the
documents that he had personally seen. A month later he called with bad
news. The documents had been burned about a year before under the standard
Ford protocol. They were gone. 
I tried to see if Butfoy had any via another friend who worked for him when
he was hired to go "fix" cars by FMC. But those records were not available,
I was pretty disappointed and never shared how close the Pantera world was
to having at least an accurate record of the cars imported to the USA from
Best regards, 
Scott BlackTimePiece Public Relations & Marketing Marketing Acceleration

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   Let's keep in mind that there are now at least 3 Registries- Chuck's in
  N. California for DeTomasos, the post-Ford '9000-Series Pantera
  Registry' maintained by Peter Havlik in British Columbia and the 'Gr-3
  Registry' maintained by Anders Hellberg in Sweden. Chuck's may overlap
  the others a little but all are essentially non-interfering. At one
  time, there were also a Mangusta Registry for those 402 cars, and I
  think I remember an informal one in So-Cal exclusively for the (maybe)
  384 pushbutton Panteras.  Both these last two disappeared years ago
  without fanfare. In the late '90s, Martin Kreici in Switzerland started
  a List of DeTomasos (mostly GR-4 & GT-4 Panteras, with serial numbers
  and drivers) known to be involved in sanctioned World Sportscar Racing,
  which I helped complete, but Martin no longer maintains this List.
  Fortunately, I have that one in my archives. Rene Killer at the
  DeTomaso Museum in Geneva also has an updated copy that I sent him.
  There were at one point three more earlier DeTomaso Registries- the
  first known was Bill Van Ess (Michigan)'s original self-funded Registry
  dating from the early '90s, which I helped get started and which was
  then taken over by Bill Milburn of Texas until about year 2000, and one
  in England for mostly Euro DeTomasos run by Ben Tyle- once described as
  "The European Gary Hall". That website also quietly disappeared a few
  years ago. NONE of these Registries were ever adopted or sponsored by
  POCA or any big Clubs, except that I gave both Bill Van Ess and Bill
  Milburn years of free ads in the POCA Newsletter to try and get them
  more entries. Response was disappointing. And being one-man efforts not
  officially noticed or subsidized by POCA, PI or the DTDC in England,
  the maintainers all eventually got tired of paddling by themselves and
  What Michael Shortt is attempting to do is make sure that all the
  colllected info from the previous 25-or-so years is not once again
  lost. Being on-line, there are no known paper copies of most of the
  Lists past or present; Pater Havlik's 9000-series Pantera list on DVD
  (again, funded entirely by himself) is the exception.  While Chuck has
  apparently done a decent job on his own, there's NO guarantee how long
  he will continue to host his offering, from his own billfold- note the
  recorded lifespan so far for self-run DeTomaso Registries is not good.
  Hence POCA is finally attempting to do something to preserve what
  knowledge all these people have collected. Escalating prices for the
  cars may be helping by focusing more attention on Panteras & Mangustas.
  The main problem is, given the inordinate amount of work involved in
  keeping a List up to date, the 'owners' are reluctant to simply hand
  over their 'babies' to someone else for a smile and a handshake and
  step away.  But IMHO, that's the only long-term solution. Another
  problem may be, some of these Lists have been copywrited so while
  individuals can obtain a single copy for personal use, organizations
  J DeRyke

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  Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry
  Chuck, sorry, I did not receive or read the posts you made on the
  subject.A I have just read them. A
  Thoughts, for what they are worth, are strictly to help come to a
  mutual solution...
  You clearly state that you do not have the time to do the job justice.
  Nor would I.A Not many people do, but if we allow the community to
  each own portions of their own entries, we spread that workload out.A
  For those not members of POCA, maybe they can be thought of as
  'prospects' and be encouraged to post the information already in the
  registry on the POCA site.
  I think the goal stated was to include and expand on the information
  over what you have in your registry. Could the POCA site do that and
  link to your site for the rest.A Maybe, but it may not be a seamless
  experience.A Anybody else know of a technology that could make that
  Rob DuMoulin
  [1][1]rob at dumoulins.net
  On Wed, Mar 2, 2016 at 1:21 PM, The DeTomaso Registry Guy
  <[4][4]detomasoregistry at gmail.com> wrote:
  Like other people, I am getting mail, well out of sequence.
  I already sent out an answer regarding being the POCA registry guy,
  and I have to decline, as I do not have the time to do the job
  I might be willing to be an advisor, but that is all.
  Now if you received and read my message "the numbers", you
  understand that a
  POCA-only registry would be a bad idea.A About 4,000 existing users
  NOT be allowed to use a POCA-only registry, just the 1,000 POCA
  My questions for the POCA board still stand.A How can POCA improve
  the registry? (for all)
  I made just two suggestions.
  If you missed my registry messages, see the forum archives, I just
  confirmed they are present.
  scroll to the bottom.
  Chuck, would you be open to such an arrangement?A A Not the hookers in
  part.I won't ask you to go on record about that.A You know what they
  "What happens in Vegas, can usually be cleared up by antibiotics".A
  part that you could manage the registry hosted on a POCA site.A The
  difference is that you would not have to pay for hosting yourself and
  design and content could be enhanced and linked to other content.
  Rob DuMoulin
  [7][6]rob at dumoulins.net
  On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 4:26 PM, Dick Koch
  <[10][9]redcatman74 at gmail.com>
  > In my opinion, Rob states the case for POCA to "house" the registry.
  > However, since someone needs to be in charge of creating and managing
  > registry, I would think that the club should create a "registry
  > position in which I would think Chuck would be the logical person to
  > manage.
  > He would be able to maintain his "banner" as the originator of the
  > registry, and get additional resources to maintain and expand it.
  > I can't believe I am saying this, but the only thing Chuck would have
  > give up is complete control "for the greater good."
  > On Feb 26, 2016 5:39 PM, "Rob Dumoulin" <[11][10]rob at dumoulins.net>
  >>A A I really do not understand the issue. This should not be about
  >>A A vs. POCA.AA This should be about what is best for the marque.
  Chuck has
  >>A A and is doing a wonderful and financially thankless service for
  >>A A marque. There is nothing short of praise and/or lots of cash to
  make up
  >>A A for it. I cannot speak for you, Chuck, but this could be a
  >>A A burden lifted even though I am confident this is not considered
  >>A A burden to you, but a passion.AA If I could buy you a drink,
  hooker in
  >>A A Vegas (hey, it's legal there), or whatever I could to show
  >>A A when I get a chance to meet you in person, I would.
  >>A A But I see both sides. A
  >>A A If something, God forbid, would happen to Chuck or his
  registry, or if
  >>A A Chuck decides he now wants to change his passion to collecting
  >>A A of Italian street peasants instead, we would have to start
  over. It
  >>A A makes sense for the marque to carry this burden.
  >>A A Flipside
  >>A A Without Chuck's help or persuasion, we lack the non-POCA cars
  in the
  >>A A registry.
  >>A A Is there not some way to do this together?AA Look, I've
  personally been
  >>A A in this situation professional before. I conceived, designed,
  >>A A and supported software that quickly was used all over the
  world.AA The
  >>A A first 3 years, I was the only support and took calls from
  Australia at
  >>A A 2 AM Monday morning when I was supposed to be on a plane at 6
  AM to
  >>A A travel for work. It was the hardest thing to turn over support
  for my
  >>A A 'baby' to an Indian team, but I did because it was really the
  best way
  >>A A to keep it growing and me sleeping at night.AA This should be
  >>A A than us. It's hard, but we need to look at a big picture.
  >>A A Rob DuMoulin
  >>A A [12]904.476.8744
  >>A A [1][13][11]rob at dumoulins.net
  >>A A [2][14][12]www.kbsi.co
  >>A A [3][15][13]http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  >>A A On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 1:58 PM, James coyne
  >>A A <[4][16][14]tecnosound at hotmail.com> wrote:
  >>A A A AA A Well stated Julian .
  >>A A A AA A From: [5][17][15]julian_kift at hotmail.com
  >>A A A AA A To: [6][18][16]michaelsavga at gmail.com;
  [7][19][17]cengles at cox.net
  >>A A A AA A Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 16:25:53 +0000
  >>A A A AA A Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry
  >>A A A AA A CC: [8][20][18]detomaso at poca.com;
  [9][21][19]garth_rodericks at yahoo.com
  >>A A A Well I don't know the details of what Chuck was offered to
  >>A A A his registr
  >>A A A y with the new POCA one, but I am sympathetic to his stance
  >>A A A that he's put
  >>A A A years of hard work, long hours and money into something that
  no one
  >>A A A else wanted
  >>A A A to take on for the longest time. He also provides free
  access to
  >>A A A that registry f
  >>A A A or the simple task of a submission, a tactic which has
  allowed him
  >>A A A to amass well
  >>A A A A over 4,000 entries. POCA has what, less than 1,000 members
  >>A A A enter their detai
  >>A A A ls? I think it will be some time before you can
  categorically state
  >>A A A that 'yours'
  >>A A A A will be better, and as you state it "will be for the other
  >>A A A registry members use
  >>A A A A only" that predicates a POCA membership, thus to say it is
  not for
  >>A A A monetary gai
  >>A A A n is a contradiction in terms.
  >>A A A The Shelby American Automobile Club is licensed from Carrol
  >>A A A they don't t
  >>A A A heoretically own anything and it took law suits to get it
  >>A A A straightened out.
  >>A A A We are lucky that Santiago De Tomaso or whoever owns the De
  >>A A A marque never
  >>A A A chooses to get involved!
  >>A A A I respectfully disagree that POCA needs to own the registry
  and it
  >>A A A hasn't seen t
  >>A A A hat need for the past 45 years. If your vision is truly to
  >>A A A down divisions
  >>A A A within the marque then you I recommend you embrace what
  Chuck and
  >>A A A others before
  >>A A A him have achieved and not be bickering over who owns what
  and is
  >>A A A bigger and bett
  >>A A A er. The Provamo registry is currently THE foremost
  collection of
  >>A A A Pantera informa
  >>A A A tion anywhere, period and should be recognized as such.
  >>A A A Don't forget this is an open forum not POCA, if you want the
  >>A A A that 'needed'
  >>A A A A to be owned by POCA it's on their website and the last
  post was 3
  >>A A A months ago...
  >>A A A .. so I will continue to us my time how I see fit to voice
  >>A A A opinions, even if
  >>A A A I am the 1% minority, when everyone conforms it is no longer
  >>A A A democracy.
  >>A A A Julian
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  >>A A A From: Michael Shortt <[10][22][20]michaelsavga at gmail.com>
  >>A A A Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 6:56 AM
  >>A A A To: Charles Engles
  >>A A A Cc: Julian Kift; [11][23][21]detomaso at poca.com; Garth Rodericks
  >>A A A Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry
  >>A A A Chuck was asked ( 4 times ) and declined to work with us or
  >>A A A integrate his with o
  >>A A A urs.
  >>A A A Furthermore, ours will be much better, with far more
  information (
  >>A A A if you choose
  >>A A A A to upload yours )
  >>A A A The Registry needs to be owned by POCA and carry on long
  after we
  >>A A A are all dead,
  >>A A A Shelby owns theirs, as does every marque club.
  >>A A A It is not a business, it is not a money maker, and it will
  be for
  >>A A A the other regi
  >>A A A stry members to use only.
  >>A A A Things are going to be changing for the better, perhaps if
  >>A A A would use th
  >>A A A eir time
  >>A A A to improve the process ( like offer items to include ), it
  would go
  >>A A A better.
  >>A A A I can tell you that once the final version comes out for
  members to
  >>A A A use, it prob
  >>A A A ably won't be changed
  >>A A A for two reasons, 1) those whom have already submitted their
  >>A A A out would hav
  >>A A A e to do it again, 2) the expense
  >>A A A of making those changes.AA I am not going to punish those
  who comply
  >>A A A and contribu
  >>A A A te, nor am I going to be fiscally irresponsible.
  >>A A A Michael Shortt
  >>A A A On Fri, Feb 26, 2016 at 9:27 AM,
  >>A A A
  <[12][24][22]cengles at cox.net<[23]mailto:[13][25]cengles at cox.net>>
  >>A A A :
  >>A A A Dear Julian:AA Precisely.AA AA AA AA Warmest
  regards,AA Chuck Engles
  >>A A A On Thu, Feb 25, 2016 at 9:39 PM, Julian Kift wrote:
  >>A A A You could add a link to Provamo.com and save a lot of
  >>A A A work, just sayi
  >>A A A ng....
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  >>A A A To: DeTomaso Mail List; Garth Rodericks
  >>A A A Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry
  >>A A A You could add Pushbutton!
  >>A A A --------------------------------------------
  >>A A A On Thu, 2/25/16, Garth Rodericks via DeTomaso
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  >>A A A A Subject: [DeTomaso] Coming POCA Registry
  >>A A A A To: "DeTomaso Mail List"
  >>A A A
  <[22][32][30]detomaso at poca.com<[31]mailto:[23][33]detomaso at poca.com>>
  >>A A A Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016, 10:52 AM
  >>A A AA AA For all the
  >>A A A categories, I'd start with a hierarchical organization and
  >>A A AA AA add the ability to denote stock and
  >>A A A modified.AA A simple checkbox for
  >>A A AA AA "Modified" in each area could allow owners
  >>A A A to enter the car's original
  >>A A AA AA configuration as well as the current
  >>A A A configuration, such as in the
  >>A A AA AA example of a car that has since been
  >>A A A winged and flared and listed as a
  >>A A AA AA Gr4. Just a thought
  >>A A AA AA Year
  >>A A AA AA -->Model:
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> pre-L
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> L
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> GTS
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> Gr4
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> Gr5
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> GT5S
  >>A A AA AA AA AA --> etc.
  >>A A AA AA Cheers!
  >>A A AA AA Garth
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  3. [108]http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  4. [109]mailto:detomasoregistry at gmail.com
  6. tel:904.476.8744
  7. [111]mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  8. [112]http://www.kbsi.co/
  9. [113]http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  10. [114]mailto:redcatman74 at gmail.com
  11. [115]mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  12. tel:904.476.8744
  13. [116]mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  14. [117]http://www.kbsi.co/
  15. [118]http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  16. [119]mailto:tecnosound at hotmail.com
  17. [120]mailto:julian_kift at hotmail.com
  18. [121]mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
  19. [122]mailto:cengles at cox.net
  20. [123]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  21. [124]mailto:garth_rodericks at yahoo.com
  22. [125]mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
  23. [126]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  24. [127]mailto:cengles at cox.net
  25. [128]mailto:cengles at cox.net
  26. [129]mailto:detomaso-bounces at poca.com
  27. [130]mailto:detomaso-bounces at poca.com
  28. [131]mailto:marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net
  29. [132]http://global.net/
  30. [133]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  31. [134]http://poca.com/
  32. [135]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  33. [136]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  34. [137]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  35. [138]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  36. [139]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  37. [140]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  38. [141]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  39. [142]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  40. [143]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  41. [144]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  42. [145]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  43. [146]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  44. [147]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  45. [148]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  46. [149]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  47. [150]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  48. [151]mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
  49. [152]mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
  50. [153]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  51. [154]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  52. [155]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  53. [156]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  54. [157]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  55. [158]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  56. [159]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  57. [160]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  58. [161]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  59. [162]mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  60. [163]http://www.kbsi.co/
  61. [164]http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  62. [165]mailto:tecnosound at hotmail.com
  63. [166]mailto:julian_kift at hotmail.com
  64. [167]mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
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  67. [170]mailto:garth_rodericks at yahoo.com
  68. [171]mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
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  70. [173]mailto:cengles at cox.net
  71. [174]mailto:cengles at cox.net
  72. [175]mailto:detomaso-bounces at poca.com
  73. [176]mailto:detomaso-bounces at poca.com
  74. [177]mailto:marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net
  75. [178]mailto:marshallgsmith at sbc
  76. [179]http://global.net/
  77. [180]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  78. [181]mailto:detomaso
  79. [182]http://poca.com/
  80. [183]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  81. [184]mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  82. [185]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  83. [186]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  84. [187]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  85. [188]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  86. [189]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
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  91. [194]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  92. [195]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  93. [196]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  94. [197]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  95. [198]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  96. [199]mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
  97. [200]mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
  98. tel:912-232-9390
  99. [201]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  100. [202]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  101. [203]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  102. [204]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  103. [205]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  104. [206]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  105. [207]http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  106. [208]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  107. [209]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  108. [210]mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  109. [211]http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
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  1. mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  2. http://www.kbsi.co/
  3. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  4. mailto:detomasoregistry at gmail.com
  5. http://poca.com/pipermail/detomaso_poca.com/2016-February/date.ht
  6. mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  7. http://www.kbsi.co/
  8. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  9. mailto:redcatman74 at gmail.com
  10. mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  11. mailto:rob at dumoulins.net
  12. http://www.kbsi.co/
  13. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  14. mailto:tecnosound at hotmail.com
  15. mailto:julian_kift at hotmail.com
  16. mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
  17. mailto:cengles at cox.net
  18. mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  19. mailto:garth_rodericks at yahoo.com
  20. mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com
  21. mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  22. mailto:cengles at cox.net
  23. mailto:[13][25]cengles at cox.net?
  24. mailto:detomaso-bounces at poca.com
  25. mailto:[15][27]detomaso-bounces at poca?
  26. mailto:marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net
  27. mailto:[17]marshallgsmith at sbc?
  28. mailto:detomaso at poca.com
  29. mailto:[20]detomaso?
  30. mailto:detomaso at poca.com
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  32. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  33. mailto:[25][35]DeTomaso at poca.com?
  34. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  35. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  36. mailto:[28][38]DeTomaso at poca.com?
  37. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
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  41. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  42. mailto:[34][44]DeTomaso at poca.com?
  43. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  44. http://www.michaelshortt.com<[5][37][47]http//www.michaelshortt.com
  45. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com
  46. mailto:[39][49]michael at michaelshortt?
  47. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
  48. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  49. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
  50. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
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  53. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  54. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
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  56. mailto:[59]rob at dumoulins.net?
  57. http://www.kbsi.co/
  58. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
  59. mailto:[62]tecnosound at hotmail.com?
  60. mailto:[63]julian_kift at hotmail.com?
  61. mailto:[64]michaelsavga at gmail.com?
  62. mailto:[65]cengles at cox.net?
  63. mailto:[66]detomaso at poca.com?
  64. mailto:[67]garth_rodericks at yahoo.com?
  65. mailto:[68]michaelsavga at gmail.com?
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  67. mailto:[70]cengles at cox.net?
  68. mailto:[71]cengles at cox.net?
  69. mailto:[72]detomaso-bounces at poca.com?
  70. mailto:[73]detomaso-bounces at poca.com?
  71. mailto:[74]marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net?
  72. mailto:[75]marshallgsmith at sbc?
  73. http://global.net/
  74. mailto:[77]detomaso at poca.com?
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  76. http://poca.com/
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  91. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
  92. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
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  94. mailto:[97]michael at michaelshortt.com?
  95. mailto:[99]DeTomaso at poca.com?
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 141. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
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 144. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
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 148. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 149. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 150. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 151. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com?
 152. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com?
 153. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 154. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 155. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 156. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 157. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 158. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 159. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 160. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 161. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 162. mailto:rob at dumoulins.net?
 163. http://www.kbsi.co/
 164. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-dumoulin/0/1b6/58
 165. mailto:tecnosound at hotmail.com?
 166. mailto:julian_kift at hotmail.com?
 167. mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com?
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 171. mailto:michaelsavga at gmail.com?
 172. mailto:detomaso at poca.com?
 173. mailto:cengles at cox.net?
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 181. mailto:detomaso?
 182. http://poca.com/
 183. mailto:detomaso at poca.com?
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 185. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 186. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
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 188. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 189. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
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 193. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 194. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 195. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 196. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 197. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 198. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 199. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com?
 200. mailto:michael at michaelshortt.com?
 201. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 202. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 203. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 204. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 205. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 206. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 207. http://www.michaelshortt.com/
 208. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 209. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 210. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com?
 211. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com
 212. mailto:DeTomaso at poca.com
 213. http://poca.com/mailman/listinfo/detomaso_poca.com


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