[DeTomaso] One step forward, two steps back

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Hi Joseph
Thanks for the help. Yes, I had issues after the trip, but we had a
fantastic time. None of that would have happened had the car just been left
to sit in the garage... But that's not why I have the car...

If I do as you suggest and jump the switch, I'm assuming that I'd have to
remove the steering column plastic cover thing and I'll see the wires of the
turn signal? And that I should connect a jumper from a brown wire to a black
wire and the horn should sound? And if it doesn't, then this will indicate
that the switch has an internal fault and will need to be repaired(replaced?
Have I understood correctly?

Thank you!

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Sorry to hear all your woes from the trip.

As for the horn, assuming the wiring to your compressor was the original
wiring, have you tried jumper around the horn button switch to verify the
other wiring is making connections?

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Hi all


After my 6100km road trip from Spain to Sweden this summer, my car fell
apart on the way home. 


Both door locks were damaged during a theft attempt (along with 5 other
Panteras) in Copenhagen. 


My radiator started leaking just about as fast as I could pour water into
the tank (but we got home without overheating, so I won't complain)


AS mentioned here, I found that one of my rims developed a serious crack.
And last but not least, my horns stopped working. 


I was all excited yesterday because I had changed one of the locks in the
door and it works well, and as an added bonus I changed the bulbs in the
door so that they now come on when you open the door. I had forgotten about
them, to be honest! 


Today I set about doing what I thought would be an easy task - changing the
horns. I bought a new Hella airhorn a few weeks ago. The swap itself was
fairly straightforward - remove the stock Fiamm compressor and I actually
decided to leave the stock horn bodies and just use the new Hella
compressor. Before putting the panel back in the car I checked to make sure
everything worked properly, and with 12v to the compressor it blows quite
loud, especially when you are holding them in your hands. 


I installed the panel in the car, turned the key on and hit the horn button.
and was greeted by silence. 


My horn relay is new. The compressor works, as demonstrated during the
pre-installation test. What would people suggest I check to determine what
the problem is? It could be the turn signal stalk, but those are expensive
and I'd rather not just throw money at the problem before being able to
determine exactly where the problem is. What's the troubleshooting procedure




Signed, rather discouraged. Only 9 months until Le Mans Classic and at this
rate I'm walking..

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