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Thanks for the YouTube!

I believe Mr. Foraker dispelled a long time held "urban myth" I had about the reason the early cars went through the Holman Moody shop.  Interesting, that either after many years my brain resorted the facts OR I heard the story after it was embellish by increasing distanced involvement.

When Mr. Foraker mentioned the 16 year son of a VP, I cringed when there was laughter, thinking the crowd will be sorry when they hear the rest of the story.  What I thought had happen was that the VP's boy had been killed in that initial test drive!  Thus my "myth" had combined and tragically rearranged the VP son's crash and the Ford Engineer's opinion after the test track drive.


BTW-  I still don't think I am replying correctly as it seems like I get every third or fourth reply?

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Here is the guy’s speech from the fun rally. Someone put it on YouTube.

Great info!


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> Hey Gang,
> I have a nice little surprise here.  Those of you who attended the 2014 Fun Rally in San Diego will recall our guest speaker Tim Foraker.  Tim related to us his fond memories of the early days of the Pantera.  Most would agree, he was quite a crowd pleaser and his talk was a real treat.  Fortunately, somebody video recorded Tim's speech and now those who saw it can relive it and those who missed it have an opportunity to enjoy it for the first time.  It's up on Youtube now, but before you start, make sure you've got a little spare time because it's about 25 minutes long.  The audio quality is a little rough, but if you're in a quiet room you can understand him fine.
> Thanks again Tim!!!
> And Thanks to Tim's nephew, Andrew Means for recording and thanks to Orange County Pantera owner, Scott Couchman for getting the video up on Youtube.
> Here's the link:
> http://youtu.be/gXq7gsb_B5o <http://youtu.be/gXq7gsb_B5o>
> Hi Y'All,
> As some of you may know, I was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Pantera Club of America's Awards Banquet in San Diego in May, 2014.  My nephew, Andrew Means, videotaped my talk while sitting at our "guest" table.  Scott Couchman, a Pantera owner from Orange County, CA (who attended the banquet) wanted to give my story a broader audience.  I forwarded to Scott my copy of Andrew's recording, and he integrated some of the information from the slides supporting my talk -- that were showing on the screen behind me.  So now it's on YouTube for all the world to see.  Do you think I should wait any longer to hear from Hollywood?   Click on the link below if you have any interest in what I was doing in 1970 - 1972.    My thanks to Andrew and Scott -- any my best to all.
> -- Tim Foraker
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