[DeTomaso] Camber Caster

Mikael mikael_hass at mail.tele.dk
Fri Sep 18 16:21:31 EDT 2015

Doing the front end suspension on the Longchamp, new rubber, ball joints
etc. And I have tools to measure camber and caster. They were pretty much
like the manual: approx. -1 deg camber, +2 dec caster, per wheel.

When I get it together again, would it benefit handling to change that? I
understand that more neg camber gives better handling in turns and more
caster gives more self correction? But both would give a more wobbly
straight line and more tire wear? Or?

Is the above correct? And those of you that have played with e.g. more neg
camber, can you feel/measure a difference? I think this Longchamp handles
beautifully, so maybe just go back to factory specs?


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