[DeTomaso] FW: Pantera THERMOSTATS??

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The "hat" is the copper piece and the plate is the thing on the left
This is a Marlin Jack
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Thank you all for the education. The one thing worth noting on the ebay ad, is that the seller says the "special plates" required for the 351c are not included. he doesn't use the term hats, but I suspect he is talking about the same thing?

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> Something not yet noted in this thread….
> The Robert Shaw 333 series is a Cleveland (with the ‘hat’) … high flow 
> … thermostat.
> This is, I believe, the style originally used by Ford.
> The readily available thermostats at the parts houses are correct for 
> the Cleveland, but they are not the high flow design.
> That feature is what drives the high interest in the Robert Shaw 333 
> stats, not that they are the only fish in the sea.
> Just the only OEM style. And no longer made.
> CA owner Marlin Jack, a skilled machinist, is buying the 330 series RS 
> stats (with the same high flow design as the 333 series) to which he 
> installs a machined ‘hat’, thus creating a 333 series stat correct for 
> the Cleveland. On eBay.
> Larry - two parts houses stats - left side high flow, right side, not 
> so much
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