[DeTomaso] Sweden/302/Yellow

The DeTomaso Registry Guy detomasoregistry at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 15:12:13 EDT 2015

I do have pictures of it, but not of the VIN.  I¹ll dig them up as soon as I
get a chance.

   Too bad you did not think to take a picture of it and the VIN plate. 
   Rob DuMoulin

Most or all of the last cars (The Pantera SI) received 302 engines.

One car use the registry to search:


Then select Search by engine type (302):


There are more than 250 cars... scroll all the way down to the bottom for 
high-numbered yellow cars in Sweden.


Search by Country: (and pick Sweden)


There are 140 cars registered there, review the high-numbered yellow cars.

There are cars with a higher serial number than the Swedish SIs in Yellow (and with the 302 engine),
but De Tomaso did not sell cars in serial order, naturally.

I'd like to see Richard's photos ... (added to the registry!)


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