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I have since learned (from the Ford man who was the head of Ghia operations at the time) that when Ford took over the whole operation in 1972, they brought all manufacturing in-house. The cars were then started and finished at Vignale in Turin and never went to Modena. Only the non-US cars (euro and elsewhere) were dispatched to Modena for completion and distribution. 


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>   Weren't they all made in the same place?
>   I was referring to being made `close in time' or even physical
>   proximity on the assembly line...  The BSN of 4613 would tell me more.
>   I presume that Julian is being facetious, but I do not want his
>   (British?) humor (?) to confuse people.
>   No, all Panteras were NOT made in the same place.  The earliest
>   Panteras were made at Ghia, by then owned by De Tomaso too.
>   Ford got (more) involved, De Tomaso bought Vignale, and they set up
>   production of the bodies at Vignale
>   (which is about 300 Km from the DeTomaso plant in the former Maserati
>   buildings in Modena.) Vignale is where they were "started".
>   Then they were trucked (on dollies) to De Tomaso, where they were
>   completed.
>   Bodies starting around 9000 were then made by another constructor,
>   until around 9100 or 9200, where it moved to
>   Embo.  Again, final assembly was at De Tomaso.
>   Julian, if you want to confuse people let us discuss the "year" (made)
>   of a car!
>   Chuck
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