[DeTomaso] Total Heresy- Ecoboost V6?

Will Kooiman will.kooiman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 11:03:14 EST 2015

I've thought about engine swaps over the years.

It normally goes like thisŠ

I start thinking about swapping in an FE or something cool like a 392 Hemi
or a Boss 429, and then I think about the firewall bulge, and what it
would take.  So, I figure a 4.6 DOHC would be a better choice, since it is
arguably a better fit.  But I don't really want an EFI engine.  If I
wanted something modern, I'd buy something modern.  So, what about a 302
deck block?  But it really needs better heads, like aluminum Cleveland
heads.  But if I'm doing a Windsor block, why stop at an 8.2" deck?  Why
not 9.2 or 9.5?  But 9.5 pushes the heads out too far, and for what, an
extra 30-40 cubic inches?  What I really want is a 9.2" deck block.  Hey -
I already have one.

There's nothing wrong with the eco boost.  I just don't see the point.

Btw, I heard that the 351C was just voted the #1 small block from the
60's/70's.  I haven't seen the survey.  I think it was based on HP per
cubic inch.

On 12/28/15 3:41 AM, "Jack DeRyke via DeTomaso" <detomaso at poca.com> wrote:

>   Pantera owners have almost always played nice with engine swappers
>   There was the German owner with a BMW V-8 in his Pantera, the Swede
>   with the Chrysler Hemi, the dozen or so CA Panteras built in the last
>   century by Mike Cook with 454 Chevys, my friend in N CA with a
>   417-Donovan in his car and more in line with what you mentioned,
>   Charlie Puckett's race Pantera with a 450-horse 347 stroker 302 Ford,
>   with which he beat quite a few 351-C-powered Panteras on track. An
>   all-aluminum V-6 should not only be very light but be short enough to
>   fit without a firewall bulge, in spite of all the gear hanging off the
>   nose of the engine. Good luck with the wiring & keep me informed, Cory-
>   J DeRyke
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>   From: Corey Price <coreyjprice at gmail.com>
>   To: detomaso <detomaso at poca.com>
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>   Subject: [DeTomaso] Total Heresy- Ecoboost V6?
>   To those who cringe at the slightest modification that changes some
>   aspect of the Pantera: Stop Reading Now. I have my flame suit on so
>   How about putting the Ecoboost 3.5L V6 in the Pantera? Ford just
>   released a controls pack for the Ecoboost V6. Yes, I'm sure there
>   will be hurdles, just like the Coyote. The twin turbos really help at
>   high altitude, such as where I'm from. The torque and power under the
>   curve is where the Ecoboost excels. More power under the curve =
>   better acceleration. I've noticed that just tuning the Ecoboost can
>   push horsepower above 400 but the torque is amazing for such a small
>   motor. Throw in some bigger turbos and better exhaust manifolds and
>   you're in the 600 hp range quickly.
>   While looking for a truck to replace my previous Ford, I drove a few
>   F150's with the Ecoboost and was always impressed with the power!A
>   I've also driven the Taurus SHO with the engine and I was left
>   impressed. It says a lot that the new Ford GT and Raptor pickups will
>   be powered by this engine.
>   It definitely goes against one of the Pantera's core concepts of a big
>   V8 in a small car. I'm not saying that I think everyone should convert
>   their cars to the latest engine. I like the Coyote engine a lot and
>   have thought long and hard about swapping to that engine. I like the
>   Cleveland, no doubt, but I like new technology just as much.
>   Just thinking as usual.
>   Corey
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