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Actually Julian Johns explanation has been offered several time in the recent past but no body wanted to listen or hear it. 

Leslie A. Gray

> On Dec 18, 2015, at 10:08 PM, Julian Kift <julian_kift at hotmail.com> wrote:
> John,
> Thanks for taking the time to offer explanation, the $100,000 funds accumulation has been mentioned a number of times without that critical piece of information which sheds a different light on the situation.
> Julian
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> POCA has that substantial sum in savings because the expense for
> publishing four issues of Profiles was accrued every year.
> Unfortunately, four issues were generally not produced.  Thus, less was
> actually spent on Profiles each year than accrued.  While I do not
> recall the cost of each Profiles publication, it is considerable.
> However, the Profiles editor was adamant that he would eventually catch
> up be Profiles current again.  Thus, the fiscally responsible action was
> to ensure that adequate funding was available to meet this potential
> liability or commitment.
> I think we could imagine the concerns expressed by members had the
> editor produced the issues and adequate funding was unavailable because
> it had been spent elsewhere.  There would have been legitimate cries of
> financial irresponsibility.
> In hindsight, we are all prescient and recognize that those past
> profiles will never see the light of day.  Therefore, it is a reasonable
> that those funds be redirected to better use.  Perhaps, dues reduction
> in that everyone benefits or Rally subsidizing, etc.
> John T
>> On 12/18/2015 10:44 AM, Julian Kift wrote:
>> Not only is it the wondrous Fun Rally 35th anniversary event in 2016, I believe also the 50th anniversary of the Mangusta as well as 45th anniversary of the Pantera, (the former will be celebrated as the marque for Concorso Italiano in 2016). With such momentous milestones maybe as a last hurrah for those poor folks who aren't going to be able to attend much longer POCA should invest the excess $100K funds to make the event free or very heavily subsidized! Watch the crowds come then!
>> Either that or invest in a mass cemetery plot in Las Vegas so they will  all have somewhere for a final reunion, oh wait we already got that it's called a hospitality suite ;-)
>> I thought the IRS scrutinized car clubs that operated other than a net zero or minimal balance sheet?
>> Julian
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>> From: DeTomaso <detomaso-bounces at poca.com> on behalf of Jeff Detrich <jjdetrich at gmail.com>
>> Sent: Thursday, December 17, 2015 8:59 PM
>> To: Effie Richards
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>> Subject: Re: [DeTomaso] Track day?
>> Effie,
>> Give Mike a chance, he has a good vision of what needs to be done. And
>> support him when needs your help.
>> I urge all the Members to demand to know what goes on and to let the Board
>> know what your thoughts are.
>> BTW, you can't do the second unless you do the first first. They represent
>> you. Here's an example where the BOD didn't release the right info so a
>> good answer could be communicated: last year the Board asked the chapter
>> presidents if they supported a dues reduction. But they did not share the
>> financial information about how much money we had in the Treasury or what
>> our actual operating costs were going to be. Without knowing that the club
>> could be running a huge yearly surplus and had over $100,000 in unallocated
>> cash, the chapter presidents said that we didn't need to reduce the dues.
>> The BOD then used that to kill any talk of a dues reduction at the Board
>> level. Sounds like politicians to me!
>> Jeff
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>> On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 10:32 PM, Effie Richards <
>> erichards at zogob.sdcoxmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thank you, Jeff Detrich for your transparency in sharing this with
>>> everyone.
>>> I don't drive the Pantera, but I am a co-owner and love the car and the
>>> many friends we have made over the years. However, in the last 2 years, I
>>> have felt something amiss within POCA. Don't anyone say it's my
>>> imagination, please....    I have been blessed with one extra ordinary
>>> "talent" only, that being seeing something clearly without it having been
>>> communicated to me or discussed. This extra sense, if you wish, has saved
>>> me and helped me chose good paths in life if only I listened.
>>> There is something peculiarly uncomfortable within POCAs top guns.
>>> I am counting on our newly elect president, Michael Shortt to initiate
>>> positive change and resurrect POCA to become more democratic. Sharing more
>>> than the cars' mechanical issues and information is a must in order to
>>> maintain its current members and attract new ones.
>>> Until we see some positive change ( and I will "feel" it before I see it),
>>> we cannot make a decision of attending the LV rally.
>>> I believe many others may feel the same way.
>>> San Diego Pantera chapter was definitely not treated right by POCA in
>>> 2014.  That is a true fact!  Never mind if some tried to deny it. I'm so
>>> neutral and I saw it clearly right in front of me.
>>> Thank you again, Jeff!
>>> Effie Richards
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>>>> On Dec 17, 2015, at 7:57 PM, Jeff Detrich <jjdetrich at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>   On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 12:30 PM, Larry Finch via DeTomaso
>>>>   <[1]detomaso at poca.com> wrote:
>>>>   They make all decisions for Fun Rally location, costs, events, etc.
>>>>   amongst themselves.
>>>>   While the Fun Rally Committee freely uses the funds of the POCA
>>>>   treasury, no Fun Rally decisions, management or expenses receive any
>>>>   review, nor are they subject to approval/disapproval, from the POCA
>>>>   Board.
>>>>   Yes, the Fun Rally process does not formally include the POCA board in
>>>>   any manner whatsoever. This is how it has been for many years.
>>>>   This is not in conflict with any current POCA bylaws.
>>>>   ___
>>>>   Once again, I am speaking up to let the Members know what really
>>>>   happens. This is clearly a problem with how the Board operates and it
>>>>   has got to stop. There may have been historical precedent but there is
>>>>   nothing in the minutes that even authorizes a Fun Rally Committee, much
>>>>   less authorizing them to spend any money or make commitments on behalf
>>>>   of the club. In fact, it is rather odd that Bob Reid made a commitment
>>>>   for the upcoming 2016 Fun Rally in Las Vegas without even telling the
>>>>   Board. He even traveled to Las Vegas to look at the hotel and sign
>>>>   contracts without notifying the Board, probably all on the club's dime.
>>>>   And if I am not mistaken, Gil Mares went with him. The Board should
>>>>   gotten proposals from local chapters and should have been involved in
>>>>   the decision but they were not. They didn't even know that he was doing
>>>>   anything.A
>>>>   I should note, however, that Bob and the Fun Rally Committee did get
>>>>   Board approval for the 2015 Fun Rally in Houston - so why not for this
>>>>   one? Bob wanted it at the Plaza HotelA where it used to be held. His
>>>>   last hurrah if you will. In that way he wouldn't have to deal with any
>>>>   troublesome local chapter organizing committees, wouldn't have to
>>>>   organize any activities or racing. Instead, we all can just sit around,
>>>>   drink and re-tell Pantera stories. Unfortunately, the Board of
>>>>   Directors, of which I was a part, was too weak and ineffective to do
>>>>   anything about it; the President wouldn't even call a meeting to
>>>>   discuss it.
>>>>   The Plaza Hotel is downtown and, as Ed Mendez, a POCA Board member, put
>>>>   it in an email to the Board, the Plaza is "...seedy at best," among
>>>>   other criticisms. I'm not sure I'd want to go there, especially with my
>>>>   car.
>>>>   The Board should be transparent and should work for all the Members.
>>>>   I'm not sure that has always been the case. I would urge Michael Shortt
>>>>   to review this when he takes office. I will be sending him Ed's email.
>>>>   You all should do the same. They work for you.
>>>>   Jeff Detrich
>>>>   Secretary, POCA
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