[DeTomaso] Track day?

marshall smith marshallgsmith at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 17 15:13:53 EST 2015

Silly question here but if the POCA Fun Rally Committee "were not in a position to underwrite the expenses of
the event.", why are they the "only three people who can/should/might be able to comment with any authority
as to the status of a track event in 2016:..."?

If a group as as talented as PCNC can sponsor a track event which POCA avoids all responsibility to produce, why should POCA have ANY say in the event?? 

Marshall Smith

On Thu, 12/17/15, Larry Finch via DeTomaso <detomaso at poca.com> wrote:

 Subject: [DeTomaso]  Track day?
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 Date: Thursday, December 17, 2015, 10:30 AM
 Upon the passing of Bill Santos of PCNC, I assumed the
 responsibilities for the PCNC Speed Trials. PCNC had run the
 event for about 13 or so years prior to that time. PCNC had
 moved to Pahrump after a large rental price increase at LVMS
 and then remained at Pahrump - Spring Mountain Motorsports
 Ranch - until the Fun Rally moved to Reno.  PCNC
 sponsored the event that first year in Reno - 2009 - at
 Reno-Fernly Raceway, and again in 2011 at RF. The track was
 not available for 2010. 
 2012-2013 -Two years at AZ - track events with questionable
 financial results
 2014 - San Diego - no track event
 2015 - Texas - track event in conjunction with an
 outside-of-POCA organizer
 PCNC did not retain sponsorship of the track event with the
 Fun Rally move to Arizona due to various concerns. Distance
 from the PCNC ‘home’ turf and the increasingly tight
 financial aspects of the event were the major reasons. Costs
 continued to rise, while sponsorship - and participation -
 continued to decline.
 I believe the negative financial realities of
 single-handedly sponsoring a track event have only become
 more restrictive in the years since the PCNC involvement.
 As Julian noted, many months ago several members of PCNC did
 approach the Fun Rally Committee offering their personal
 assistance in helping to organize a 2016 event. However,
 they were not in a position to underwrite the expenses of
 the event. I was asked for, and provided, my comments
 regarding a 2016 event. I have heard nothing since that time
 regarding what actions, if any, were taken by the Fun Rally
 Committee in response to that offer of assistance.
 As for Fun Rally 2016, there really are only three people
 who can/should/might be able to comment with any authority
 as to the status of a track event in 2016:
 Bob Reid
 Judy McCartney
 Gill Mares
 They are the three members of the Fun Rally Committee.
 They make all decisions for Fun Rally location, costs,
 events, etc. amongst themselves. 
 While the Fun Rally Committee freely uses the funds of the
 POCA treasury, no Fun Rally decisions, management or
 expenses receive any review, nor are they subject to
 approval/disapproval, from the POCA Board.
 Yes, the Fun Rally process does not formally include the
 POCA board in any manner whatsoever. This is how it has been
 for many years.
 This is not in conflict with any current POCA bylaws.
 Want answers about anything concerning the Fun Rally?
 Those are the three people to contact if you want answers.
 Contact them directly, They are seldom seen as users of this
 The rest of us - including the POCA officers and Board -
 just have history and conjecture.
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