[DeTomaso] NPC UV bonding products

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I have a rule..... NEVER buy anything off a TV commercial.  I fix a lot of plastic parts in my collision business and have been having great success with a product called Q BOND. It is super glue and a powder that you sprinkle on and it becomes filler material and hard as brick.   http://www.amazon.com/Bond-Repair-Small-Bonding-Adhesive/dp/B003YI421I   

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>Hi Ken,
>I ordered one when it first came out on the internet 2 years ago.. It was a
>lot more then what the prices are now. It did not work at all. It never
>fully hardened for me. 
>Remember the clams and commercials for "crazy glue" when it first came
>out....same kind of BS.
>Larry (JB Weld) - Cleveland
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> Has anyone tried the new UV bonding products on the market?  I think
>dentists have used this stuff for a while.  It looks pretty good:
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