[DeTomaso] NPC: Virus scanning - Friendly reminders

Asa Jay Laughton asajay at asajay.com
Fri Aug 22 22:42:47 EDT 2014


Please read - important

During recent work on the -old- POCA photo gallery files, we found
several uploaded photos by members, had viruses attached.  We can't
confirm for certain if those files had the virus attached prior to
upload (i.e. came from the user uploading them), of if they had the
virus attached by the compromised POCA server.

The files affected spanned seven different users, most of which could be
identified as prolific uploaders; they put up a LOT of the photos you
used to see in the old Gallery2 album.  However, our recent scan only
found approximately 17 photo files infected; just a few from each
account, making it harder to really know where the viruses came from. 
That's the good news.

The bad news is we'll probably just have to delete the infected files
before we can continue with our project.  My apologies.

What you need to do.
For those that already have virus scanning and malware detection
software on your computers... great!  Thank you for taking a proactive

For those that don't, might I recommend AVG anti-virus products.  For
what it's worth, AVG free anti-virus 2014 found the viruses attached to
photos when files were transferred from the server to my local
computer.  They were also first identified by another helper who was
using Symantec products to scan the files prior to working with them.

There are virus scanners available for PC, Mac, and Linux from various
vendors.  I can't say for certain if the users affected use PC or Mac (I
do know one or two who definitely use Mac, but they weren't on the list
of infected files).

This is just a friendly reminder to be careful out there.  This stuff is

For our part, we are trying to put tools in place on the POCA server to
capture these items quickly, to include scanning on upload.  Please do
your part to help.

Thank you,
Asa  Jay

Asa Jay Laughton, MSgt, USAFR, Retired
& Shelley Marie
Spokane, WA

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