[DeTomaso] DeTomaso email list server GOING DOWN 24 Sep 2013 1800for Maintenance

Larry - Ohio Time Corp larry at ohiotimecorp.com
Tue Sep 24 09:16:20 EDT 2013

Does anyone know if they sell Jack Daniels by the barrel?

Larry (now what am I to do at work) - Cleveland

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The Mailman list server application hosting the DeTomaso email forum 
will be taken offline tomorrow evening, Tuesday September 24 at 6 PM 
Pacific Daylight Time in order to reprovision the operating system on 
the POCA server.

This outage is expected to last a minimum of two days, possibly three.

A new operating system will be installed and various server applications 
brought up one at a time.  The Mailman list server application will be 
one of the first user-facing applications to be restored.  It is unknown 
how long that will take.

So, for all you Panteraheads out there, you've got just under one day to 
get it out of your system before this baby goes down for a few days.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this difficult and trying 
time.  In the interim may we kindly suggest you call your nearest 
Pantera Vendor for consolation, buy a few new parts and do a few needed 
repairs on your beloved Italian lover; you might even work on the car if 
you like.

I will send another email out just prior to shutting down the service, 
and once again a couple days later when the service is brought back up.

Wish us luck, it's going to be tricky.
Asa Jay
- along with Mark McWhinney and Gerry Romack -

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