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I have a few photos of the car at the Russo and Steele auction lot, if you don't have any.

Jim Oddie

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> I didn't think he owned a Pantera.

>>>About two weeks ago, Jay purchased #1970 from PCNC member Scott Pinsky.  
 Scott had the car in the Monterey auctions and also advertised in 
Hemmings.   Apparently Jay saw it, and called him up.   He's been looking for a 
car for some time now.

There are a few oddities about this particular car (note that it has 1960s 
Ferrari teardrop-shaped front side markers, and Mangusta rear side markers; 
it also has a small clock for a steering wheel center?), but overall it's a 
really nice, sound example in a unique color.

Watch for a full article with photos in the next PCNC newsletter. :>)


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