[DeTomaso] Fifth Gear Change

David in Durango adin at frontier.net
Sun Sep 15 21:29:17 EDT 2013

All my opinion!

Yes, one needs do something about the pitiful cruising speed of the Pantera.

I was (and still am) enamored with the ratio splits of the ZF and absolutely did NOT want to ruin that beautiful music of the 4-5 shift.  My  car now runs a 3.2 final drive (I waited 10 years for this) and I love it.  Does it need more power?  Never heard anyone say they didn't need more power!  It is a 4 hour drive to a major city from here, most track events are a multi-day drive so the long legs are welcome.

Need better acceleration?  Use a lower gear!

I doubt if anyone would regret a taller fifth gear at the very least, or a ring gear change.

Just my opine.

David in Durango, now geared for 202mph instead of the girly man 160mph.(and 16% better mpg!)

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